3rd June 2014


Download our ROES software interface.

Customers can download this free interface

Below are the links to download our ROES software – its the way you get your files to us for printing.

For the first two links please save to disk….

If you have a Mac with OS 10.7 or higher use this link



If you have a 64 bit PC use this link



If you have an older Mac, 32 bit PC or Linux machine use this link



There are over 200 labs worldwide, with just a handful in the UK, and only 2 in Scotland!

Each lab has its own series of products – and there are subtle differences in the layouts – but if you’ve used it at any other lab you’ll find it quick to adjust.

If you’ve not, don’t worry!

Its really easy.

There are a couple of things to remember. The main one is when you have finished making your order and you hit upload you have to leave the program running as it is then uploading your order. Theres a bar in the top right corner to show how its progressing. You have to put your details in the first time – it remember you after that. Select ‘I have not got an account’ and you’ll receive an invoice by email when your job has been opened correctly at our end – and then another, a little while later with a link for you to pop your card details in to pay.

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