1st June 2014

What we do

The name  may be new to you – but we’ve had a lab since 1981, digital lab since 1999 and an all digital workflow since late 2000.

Within a few months of putting in our digital lab, back in 1999, we were producing sample prints and layouts which have graced the two main film & paper manufacturers – here in the UK and at Photokina in Germany and PMA in the USA.

For the past seven years we’ve been running a ROES interface – which opened up a wide range of prints to a wider range of people. We were nominated in the SWPP trade awards for “Pro Lab of the Year 2010” We didn’t win .. but we’ve certainly caused a few ripples in the industry!

We are back at the cutting edge – with online ordering – and offering not only prints, but layouts for albums and unique products for School, Nursery and Sports Photographers. We can also add custom layouts that only you can use – add your logo and contact details to the front of every photo without having to run countless Photoshop actions – wouldn’t you rather be taking photos than sitting in front of your computer?

Our ROES online ordering is now available to everyone.

Many people think that if you have a particular printer all the work from it will be the same as another lab with the same machine – well, that’s a bit like saying all the photos taken with a Nikon D3 will look the same… no matter who’s hands it’s in!

Loads of people seem to love our prints – why not have a look in any of the photography forums you visit – I’m sure you’ll come across us…

So, just send in, and see just how good we are!

If you need help, or something’s not clear?
– email us snappingsam@mac.com –

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