1st June 2014

100% Prints

Album Prints

If you make layouts for albums you might have had the odd issue with the prints done at labs. The way a photographic printer works means that the image has to be magnified slightly so that the image covers all the paper – but that means the print doesn’t match the overlays – or there’s loads missing at the edge!

We have made layouts which reverses this magnification – so the prints are done at 100%. You might get a slight white edge on one or more sides, but as your prints are either behind a mat or trimmed this is not an issue. Also, the registration of the paper varies a little – so you might find that up to 2mm of the image is cut off from one or more sides.

Programs like JAD do not put a profile on your files. Our production software adds a sRGB profile to any unprofiled files – so if you work in ADOBE98 you’ll need to add the profile in Photoshop before submitting them.

Also, please be aware that we have problems if you send in files that have the same filename – and this often happens if you have two albums in the same order – if this is the case, please add a prefix or suffix to the filenames form each job… i.e.

Using JAD your page names will be page20.jpg page21.jpg etc. If you are sending in two wedding albums you’ll then have two page20.jpg etc. So make one page20x.jpg or smith20.jpg etc

We do not apply any correction to prints for albums.

If there is a size you need often – just contact us – and we’ll add it for you….

Prices Inclusive of VAT at 20%

A4 0.86
A3 1.50

8”x8” 0.45
10”x10” 0.80
12”x12” 1.15

10”x7” 0.64
10”X8” 0.65
12”X8” 0.76
10”X12” 0.93
10”x14” 1.18
10”x15” 1.18
11”X14” 1.37
12”X15” 1.42
12”x16” 1.45

Albums of Australia
13.5”x9.75” 1.18

16.4”x9.75” 1.45
11.5”x9.5” 0.93
11.5”x11.5” 1.15

N.B. Pages for the two album companies are supplied with a small additional border to fit regular paper. As most people trim these prints to get a better “stick” in the album anyway we leave these on.

If you are using album pages that show the whole print, such as MTA paste on pages just use the BUDGET print service – but remember there will be a few mm cutoff – we suggest you send a sample to check. This is quite normal – all labs have to do this – it’s just how Fuji & Noritsu etc printers work!

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