1st June 2014

Gloss Prints

After all that effort resizing and colour correcting images you deserve a big treat! So here you are – the prices for prints you’ve colour corrected and resized. We only use Fuji DPII paper (note many low cost labs and all supermarkets use the cheaper & thinner Crystal Archive paper) which has a copyright imprint.

Gloss Surface Prints

All prints will have a copyright “Your Studio Name” and the filename on the back.

The default is for us not to apply any colour or density corrections – however you can now select for us to do this – just 50p per file. Select the option at the checkout

Prices Inclusive of VAT at 20%

4”x8” 0.38
6”x8” 0.41
8”x8” 0.45
10”x8” 0.65
12”x8” 0.76
16”x8” 1.10
18”x8” 1.20

Postage depending on order value and service requested

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