1st June 2014

Group Prints

Group Prints in Strut Mounts

There’s loads of groups to be photographed:

Youth Groups
Sports Teams

Order Prints complete with Black Strut Mounts

We’ll print your photos – apply any colour correction required – and then put your prints into black strut mounts and seal into bags (and include any supplied leaflets/envelopes). We can also print a B&W flyer to include with the print at no additional cost – please email a PDF.

We can also print proofs for your groups onto 6×4 or 8×6 writable paper. Proofs are same day as print only – 2 days if attached to envelopes

We can also add text onto the print – or an area under the print. Contact us for details. We’ve also templates online that let you add a 1” strip to the bottom of some sizes.

This is a 3 day service in lab.

Prices include VAT at 20%

Price includes mount & sealing into poly envelope

5”x7” £1.82
6”x8” £1.99
8”x10” £2.35

This is a service for group prints – where we expect multiple copies per image – though 1 offs from a first order are OK

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