1st June 2014

Pearl Prints

Prints on Pearl Supergloss Paper

There’s no need to resize files on this service.

The default is for us not to apply any colour or density corrections – however you can now select for us to do this – just 50p per file. Select the option at the checkout

Pearl SuperGloss Surface Prints –

All prints will have a copyright “Your Studio Name” and filename on the back!

Prices Inclusive of VAT at 20%

3:2 Ratio Images
6”x4” (2-up) 1.50
9”x6” 1.50
10”x7” 1.65
12”x8” 1.65
18”x12” 3.75

4:3 Ratio Images
8”x6” (2-up) 1.65
16”x12” 3.50

5:4 Ratio Images
5”x4” (2-up) 1.40
10”x8” 1.65
15”x12” 3.60

1:1 Ratio Images
10”x10” 2.30
12”x12” 2.75

12”x10” 2.30
A4 1.75
12”x8.25” 1.75

Promo Prints on Pearl – low cost prints to support you and your business.
See the Promo Prints section for full details

Prices below are for 100 copies of the same image. As with Budget & Logo Prints , there’s no colour correction etc. Please remember there is around a 3% magnification applied so your prints don’t have a white border – so download our templates which show the safety margin – and keep all type inside.

As these prints are done at the tightest margin they are printed when our machines are quiet – so allow up to 5 days in-lab.

From October until Christmas this service may be up to 10 days in lab.

Prices include VAT.

100 copies run off from one file

5”x4” £26.75
6”x4” £31.00
8”x4” £47.00
8”x6” £63.00
10”x8” £78.00
A4 £103.00
12”x8” £99.00
12”x10” £150.00
12”x12” £160.00
12”x15” £170.00
12”x16” £180.00
12”x18” £190.00

Need more than 100?
You can key in any number when ordering online – just change the number – but to get these prices it’s a minimum of 100 prints run off from one file. Sorry, no further discounts as our prices are already so keen! Well, if you need thousands we can sharpen the pencil – but just a bit….

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