1st June 2014

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Promo Print Package

For almost 100 years the building we’re in was occupied by a printing business. We’ve now been in the building for over 15 years. I was lucky enough to see the job book showing the printing work that was done – and to speak with many of the staff who used to work here. They used to prints millions of envelopes and tens of millions of sheets of prison note-paper! I asked if this made much money – and they said “no – it just covered costs”. So why do it? The owner preferred to have his machines running all the time – this just covered staff costs etc. Then, when a higher priority job came in, the standard work was put on hold and the more profitable job was run – then they went back to the long print runs.

So – here’s my twist on this.

For years we’ve given brides 100-200 thank you prints – usually 6”x4” or 8”x4” prints. I design a layout with one or more images – and text – with a tag line urging guests to go to our website to see all of their photos. It has helped us get up to 10,000 unique visits per month – and as a result Google rank us highly.

We also do 8”x11.75” prints for hotels to put in with their information packs.

This is a service we would like to offer you too – low cost prints to support you and your business.

Prices below are for 100 copies of the same image. Please remember there is around a 3% magnification applied by the printer so your prints don’t have a white border.

The default is for us not to apply any colour or density corrections – however you can now select for us to do this – just 50p per file. Select the option at the checkout

As these prints are done at the tightest margin they are printed when our machines are quiet – so allow up to 5 days in-lab.

From October until Christmas this service may be up to 10 days in lab.

Prices include VAT at 20%

100 copies run off from one file

5”x4” £12.00
6”x4” £12.00
8”x4” £15.00
7”x5” £18.75
8”x6” £33.00
10”x8” £54.00
11.75”x8” £59.00

Need more than 100?
You can key in any number when ordering online – just change the number – but to get these prices it’s a minimum of 100 prints run off from one file. Further discounts are available for runs of 500 or more – or if you order often – email or call and we’ll sharpen the pencil!

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