1st June 2014


Our Print Services

If you don’t want to worry about resizing every file to size – and just want to use the camera set for everything – this is for you.

You can also select B&W and sepia in various shades without having to change your file.

You can make various width borders – and keylines too (again choose the colour and width).

Normally we do not colour correct these prints – however you can now also select for us to colour correct the prints – it’s 50p per file extra – just select the option at the checkout. The colour correct option is applied to all the files in the job.

Under prints you get to order any size of print from any size of file (however no bigger than 3600×5400 regardless)

We only use Fuji DPII paper (note many low cost labs and all supermarkets use the cheaper & thinner Crystal Archive paper) which has a copyright imprint, and all prints are on Lustre (sometimes called E surface) paper.

All sizes are nominal. As with all labs, there is a small amount of image trimmed in the printing process . Please allow a few mm of cutoff if designing leaflets or album pages.

All prints will have a copyright “Your Studio Name” on the back!

Prices Inclusive of VAT at 20%

4 copies 2.5×3.5
from same 0.45
from different 0.50
5”x3.5” 0.32
5”x4” 0.32
5”x5” 0.38
5”x7” 0.44
6”x4” 0.33
8”x6” 0.54
9”x6” 0.55
8”x8” 0.66
10”x7” 0.80
10”x8” 0.80
12”x8” 0.87

Postage depending on order value and service requested

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